IP Vision and Mission

We visualize Infrastructure Projects with more clarity. 

With ISO 17020-2012 implemented, we at Ravi Energie Group are committed to provide Services of different types at different levels for timely actions and qualitative output to minimize cost over runs, optimize resources with adherence to ethical principles related to integrity, conflict of interest, confidentiality, anti-bribery and fair marketing.


The different types of services provided are:

1.       Peer Review (of Feasibility Studies, DPRs, Tenders, Technologies)

2.       Feasibility Studies, DPRs, Tenders/ Negotiation/ Finalization of Contracts

3.       Assessment and Analysis of Sustainability,

4.       Project Management Consultancy (PMC or PMSS)

5.       Third Party Inspection (TPI) and Certification

6.       Compliance Audits

7.       Lender’s/ Developer’s  Independent Engineers

8.    TPI Services for PPP Business Models for different Stake holders (Private or Public i.e. Government)

9.      Post commissioning Performance Evaluation and Improvement (e.g. Increase in Plant Load Factor in Power Sector, System Utilized Gas (SUG) in LNG regasification, Reduction in Generation in SPV/ Wind Power)

10.   Tendering/ Negotiation/ Finalization of Contracts/ Arbitration/ Valuation

11.   Support Services for CDM, CERs, VERs, REC


With ISO 17020-2012 implemented, we also have Certified Professionals available for deployment specific to project requirements (LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP)/ Certified Energy Auditors/ Certified Sustainable Development Professionals/ Certified Level I Thermographers/ Certified Energy Managers/ P.E.s/ Chartered Engineers/ Licensed Valuers/ Surveyors and many more..) We also have Masters Level and Doctorate Level professionals from different fields like Engineering, Commerce, and Law.


We are equipped with application specific, state of the art instruments and also have tie ups/ collaboration with academics and laboratories. Some of the equipment we have, to name are, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Protimeters, Laser Based Remote Measurement systems, Radio Activity Measurement Systems, Spectrometers, NDT Equipment Systems, Sub-surface Scanners, and many more.              


To know how Thermography and other equipment is useful for Infrastructure Projects click here.


We have Governments, Semi-Government Bodies, UN Bodies, Medium and Large Industries as clients to our credit. Our clientele encompasses almost all sectors of Infrastructure.


The services offered include many sectors of infrastructures. Some of them are:

Buildings and Complexes

Roads, Bridges

Water Supply/ Sewerage

Renewable Energy/ Energy Management/ CDM

Conventional Energy

Hydro Power

Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV)/ Solar Thermal Power Generation

Wind Energy/ Biomass Based Power

Petro Chemical- Exploration, Generation, Transportation

Gas Distribution

Electrical Power

Communication/ IT








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