Wind Energy Services

Wind Energy is the fastest growing field amongst other industrial sectors. It is one of the economically viable renewable energy sectors.

We provide Consultancy/ Support for the multiple levels of project implementation including DPR, Wind Potential Assessment, Site Selection, Micro Level Site Planning and Infrastructure for Power Evacuation, Inspection & Quality Control for the Equipments, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Performance Evaluation of the installed sites and other related issues.  To our credit, we have been taken note of in “Wind Power Monthly” in 1995 (the relevant article can be seen here)and awarded First Prize- National Awards for Excellence in Consultancy Services by CDC – Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India in the year 1995 for our outstanding contribution in renewable energy- which was mainly in the field of wind energy.

We had and we have many on-going Wind Energy projects with different levels of services.

Consultancy for Verification/Improvements of Capacity Factor (Plant Load Factor)
The generation of a normal generator is dependent on the connected load subject to the limiting parameters  where as in case of grid connected wind power projects, the generation has no relation with load but is proportional to the input wind, subject to limiting conditions.

The parameters that affect the power generation are wind energy content, grid availability, machine availability and the wind shadow effect (also known as array efficiency).

Fundamentals of Grid Connected Wind Power Generation

Whenever from whatever direction of whatever velocity the wind is available, ideal condition is to convert wind energy in to electrical energy efficiently and at that time the machine is supposed to be ready (machine availability), the grid is supposed to be ready to evacuate power (grid availability) and there is supposed to be a minimum effect due to wind shadow (one machine behind other machine - array efficiency).  Even though wind is under nobody’s control,   the Capacity Factor is a concern for everybody worldwide.

Ravi Energie provides services for verification and certification of wind data, calculations of ideal power generation and comparison with actual power generated to satisfy the needs of the stake holders as well as for CDM purposes to justify claims in Project Design Document submitted to UNFCCC for Carbon Credits under CERs (Certified Emission Reduction) or VERs (Voluntary Emission Reduction).

Ravi Energie assists clients to optimize Capacity Factor and integrated approach is made in co-ordination with all stake holders. 

To have some details about how the verification and certification is done - the attached reports for some of our clients - (GSFC - Gujarat State Fertilizers Company Ltd. , & GACL – Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.) may be

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To know more about how Ravi Energie can help improve Capacity Factor (Plant Load Factor) or Certification under CDM please Contact Us


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