GHG Issues

On GHG issues, we provide services for the projects which have a potential for earning of Carbon Credits. We have professionals who are Certified Sustainable Development Professionals (USA) with us. The other professionals with us include licensed energy auditors in India as well as Business Energy Professionals and Certified Energy Managers in USA as professionals.

Climate Change Services

The clean development mechanism (CDM) allows eligible emission-reduction projects to earn certified emission reduction (CERs), which are also known as Carbon Credits. Each CER (Carbon Credit) is equivalent to one tonne Carbon Dioxide emission reduction. CDM is a mechanism under which CERs are traded between developing and developed countries to meet the emission reduction targets. Ravi Energie Group, having diversified expertise in the field of Energy Sector and Certified Business Energy Professionals (USA), can help organisations to identify CDM projects activities and help them trade their Certified Emission Reduction (CERs) through a range of services which covers:

  • Identification of the potential / existing projects that may be eligible for CDM/VCS revenue
  • Preparation of documentations such as Project Inception Notes (PIN) and Project Design Documentation (PDD), etc. on behalf of the project developers i.e. CDM project Development
  • Host Country Approval by DNA
  • Help in CDM/VCS validation by DOE (Designated Operational Entity) and subsequent registration with UNFCCC/VCS
  • Implementation of monitoring and records keeping as per the monitoring plan
  • Preparation of monitoring report
  • Help in CDM/VCS verification by DOE and subsequent issuance of CERs/VERs
  • Facilitation of CER/VER transactions
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