Verification / Documentary Verification


Documentary Verification

We are an ISO 17020 accredited Type A Inspection Body and provide Documentary Verification / Notarization Services for Technical and Financial documents. Such Documentary Verification is a mandatory requirement in many Tenders and Applications. Such documents typically include (but are not restricted to) Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Release Notes, Project Award Certificates, Project Completion Certificates, Balance Sheet’s, Profit and Loss Statements, ISO Certificates, Accreditation Certificates, certain Proprietary or Internal Documents, etc.

Government Enterprises and Departments, Financial Institutions, as well as some Multinationals occasionally require Verified OR Notarized Documents to be submitted by Private Enterprises for further processing. A Documentary Verification Certificate certifying necessary Technical and Financial Documents from a Type A Inspection Bodies is sometimes required and generally accepted by such Institutions. We have been providing these services as per the scope of ISO 17020 with a prompt turnaround time. Most of such verification are done offsite and do not require an Office or Factory visit. However, sometimes we do need an onsite visit and can also do so on Client’s request when original hard copy of documents cannot be sent to our office for verification study.

We provide best in class service and guarantee Client satisfaction while adhering to our Principles and code of Ethics firmly. We believe in facilitating trade and services with an developed Internal System that minimized conflict of interest, errors and mischiefs while ascertaining prompt and fair Services to our Clients. Let us be a part in your growth story and Contact Us for Verification Services.