In this Industrialized and Global economy, Vendor / Supplier can be located anywhere. And the need of the hour dictates continuous new Vendor engagement for their products and/or services. It is not always possible to work with a known Vendor or get appropriate references and often Customers have to deal with unknowns. When large monetary transactions are involved, the trust factor becomes all the way more important. Especially when the Suppliers are located overseas, it is prudent to know your Vendor properly before entering into an agreement.

We provide Vendor Assessment / Supplier Evaluation services to cover such risks when the customer is dealing with new Vendor and is not aware of their credentials, capabilities, intent, financials OR delivery record. Our services include (but not limited to):

  • > Assessment of supplier’s performance against various criteria or client checklist to ensure supplier is a good fit for your business
  • > Product process verification as per client’s or manufacturers criteria

Our trained manpower has carried out such assessments deftly and have vast experience in almost all type of industries. Along with on-site assessment, our multi-disciplinary experts evaluate the documents offline to provide a comprehensive assessment covering all the aspects.