Verification / Online Assessments


Online Assessments

Online Assessments are sometimes required to assess Vendor Capabilities, verify or obtain Data from various sites, carry out Surveys, find effectiveness of Government Schemes, etc. and they come with their own inherent flaws and risks. However, such assessments have low cost implications and with evolution of modern technology, we can execute tasks which were not possible earlier. Complexities can be incorporated, and systems can be created to make such assessments more robust.

At Ravi Energie Group, we have developed a proprietary Online Assessment methodology which is complimented by need based Onsite Surveys. Our Assessments are done by trained and qualified assessors through Phone Calls, Video Calls or Online Documentary Checks. All the assessors are trained before commencement of a Project on the specifics and we do provide a flexibility to the client whereby they can select assessors from a larger pool. Based on client need and budget, we make provisions for follow-up verifications through Onsite Checks. The criteria for Onsite deployment is based on our own methodology and client requirements and is designed to minimize the inherent risk associated with solely an Online Assessment.

We maintain strict confidentiality when dealing with client data as well as our own findings. A comprehensive risk assessment on a per case or project basis is done prior to start of the project and accordingly rights based access is provided to all the personnel’s working on the project. In most of the cases, the access is for data which is absolutely necessary to carry out an individual role.

We provide all type of solutions for Assessments whether it be Onsite Surveys, Online Assessments, Documentary Reviews, etc. and being an Accredited Agency, we have standard systems and processes in place which provides a sense of guarantee to our Clients. Please Contact Us if you would like to hear more about what services we can provide to your Organization.