Verification / Onsite Surveys


Onsite Surveys

We have a highly trained and qualified pool of Surveyors who can do different kind of Onsite Surveys with minimal deployment and turnaround time and effective results. Our motivated and enthusiastic manpower have carried out Projects such as Sanitation and Cleanliness Surveys, Bio-Mass feasibility Surveys, Fuel Station Efficiency Survey, etc. Using modern Telecommunication Tools and Software, our Surveyors are able to log in real time data which is monitored by a Central Monitoring Team and corrective/assertive actions taken immediately to produce best results. We also pride ourselves in recruiting and training new manpower as per requirements of the Project within a short period of time and deploying them promptly to meet Project deadlines. Our internal monitoring mechanism ensures that all our Surveyors are fully trained and any deficiency is immediately identified and corrective action taken so that the end result is not compromised.

We entered the field of Surveys with a Government Project to study feasibility of Bio-Mass Generation for which a huge team had to be developed from scratch with tight Budgetary and Timeframe restrictions. Team Members included recent Graduates with some limited knowledge of Bio-Mass Production. Our Experts in the field provided them an in-depth training on how to carry out the survey and also entire end to end process which helped them identify issues during Data Collection. The Team had to travel extensively to remote Villages and Towns and report back their findings to the Central Office using facsimile and landline phones as Mobile Phone Technology was not available at the time. Today, with advent of Cell-phones and Tablets, the Surveys have become much more easier and streamlined to carry out and more complexities can be introduced for best monitoring and outputs. We have developed an in-house monitoring system that ensures that appropriate Data is collected from required Source at mandated Time only, all data is analyzed in real time and feedback provided to the Surveyor and Report generated and communicated immediately once the survey is completed. In cases where Analysis is required, the same is done by Experts in particular field and final reporting done to Client as per requirements.

We can cater to any size or complexity in Surveys and being an accredited Inspection Body, have systems and processes in place which minimizes conflict of interest, errors and mischiefs. Our Ethics and Code of Conduct is regularly monitored by external agencies and our Accreditations provide a guarantee of fair conduct on our end. We can work on tight Budgetary Constraints and provide best results in terms of Collected Data, Analysis Reports, Turnaround Time, Trainings and Manpower Deployment. Kindly contact us with your requirement and we shall be glad to assist you and provide a Proposal on Execution Methodology.