Inspection / Conformity Assessment

Conformity Assessment

Conformity Assessment To Check Products Conformance To Standards.

In today’s Industrialized world, whether it is International Trade or Local Sourcing, every product is manufactured against a set of standards or requirements. Various International Organizations and Bodies have come up with standards for most of the products, and adherence to these standards gives a competitive edge to manufacturer while ensuring quality of the product. Along with this, it also gives a confidence to stakeholders on safety and reliability of the product itself. Conformity Assessment is the process of getting product certified or tested against a set of standards.

We provide Conformity Assessment Services for Machinery and Equipment (conformity against API, IEC, IS, ASTM, ASME, ANSI/AGMA standards), Electrical and Optical Equipments (conformity against ISO, IEC, IS standards) and Basic Metals and Fabricated Metal Products (conformity against API, ASTM, ISO, IS, ASME, IBR, BS, AWS standards). We check for conformity against Customer Requirements and wherever applicable against generally followed standards for a specific type of product.

Testing is determination of one or more of product’s characteristics and is usually performed by a laboratory either at manufacturer’s premises (can be both in-line testing or off-line testing) or offsite. As per requirements, our scope can also include Sampling and Testing in our or Partner Laboratory, witnessing the testing activity in Manufacturer’s own or an Approved Laboratory or validating the test results and testing mechanism.

Our Conformity Assessment Certificates are required for Customs Clearance in certain countries and also registration of certain products with regulatory authorities where applicable. Conformity Assessment by an accredited Third Party like us is the most reliable and widely used practice to ensure quality.