Inspection / Infrastructure



We, at Ravi Energie, have been providing Inspection Services to all kind of Infrastructure Projects since 2010. We have carried out multiple small and large scale projects in both private and government sectors including for Multi-storey and High-Rise Buildings, Pre-fabricated Structures, Factory Sheds, Towers, Roads, Canals, Pipelines, Airports, Ports, Bridges and Railways. The inspection activities include soil testing, material testing, inspection of concrete casting, core testing, Inspection of towers, water supply, plumbing, drainage and electrical installation including unit-substation.

Spectrum of Services for Civil Infrastructure Project:

  • Peer review of structural designs
  • Feasibility studies & evaluations of new and existing structures and their stability
  • NDT for RC / Steel Structures for assessing their compressive strength
  • Quality Assessment and Supervision of Construction Projects, Quantity Verification, Health and Safety compliances, etc.
  • Testing of Building Materials such Soil, Concrete Mix, etc.
  • Sampling and Analysis of Man-Hole Covers, Pre-Cast Components, Cores and Cubes, etc.
  • We have in-house Analytical Instruments such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, Protimeters, Laser Based Remote Measurement systems, Radio Activity Measurement Devices, Spectrometers, Sub-surface Scanners as well as Laboratory Infrastructure for carrying out in-house tests. We have tie-ups with renowned ISO 17025 accredited Laboratories for carrying out specialized tests. Our capabilities also include a Team of experienced Pilot in Command (PIC) for Inspections using Drone Technology. In-house Micro Drones can be deployed immediately most of the locations without any special permits (as used in our on- going Infrastructure projects).

    Ancillary support services for Infrastructure Projects:

  • Site Survey
  • Foundation Acceptance Audit
  • Electrical Acceptance Audit
  • Due Diligence Audit
  • Pre-shipment Audit
  • Customized Audits
  • Vendor Assessment and Selection
  • Energy Audit
  • Chartered Engineers Certifications for Asset Valuations
  • Application based real-time reporting
  • Drone based Assessments

  • We emphasize usage of technology in inspections and the timely, on the spot and accurate results are the reason enough to justify the investment. All our assessors are competent and well trained in various ASTM, ASME, ISO, IEC and IS Standards and well versed with latest technology. Holding the distinction of being market leader in this category in certain areas, we bring with us a wide gamut of expertise and experienced professionals and can cater to all types of infrastructure projects.