Food Safety Auditing

Food Safety and Auditing Services

Food safety refers to routines in the preparation, handling and storage of food meant to prevent foodborne illness and injury. From farm to factory to fork, food products may encounter any number of health hazards during their journey through the supply chain. Safe food handling practices and procedures are thus implemented at every stage of the food production life cycle in order to curb these risks and prevent harm to consumers.

Food safety is an assurance that the food is acceptable for human consumption according to its intended use. It is of vital importance to all food business operators engaged in production, processing, distribution & sale. It provides confidence to FBOs (Food Business Operators) that the food they manufacture, and sale will do no harm to consumer and that they are secure from any product damage.

A well designed FSMS (Food Safety Management System) program that has appropriate control measures can help food establishments to comply with food hygiene regulations and ensure that food prepared for sale is hygienic and safe for consumers. According to Food Safety Standards, implementation & maintenance at FBO includes Registration & Licensing and Post-Licensing Food Safety Monitoring & Surveillance. Conclusively, FSMS and their inspection are essential for any FBOs, manufacturing units, storage places, warehouses, transport services etc., because they demonstrate due diligence, satisfy the requirement of the law, and can be used to defend their business.

Ravi Energie provide one stop solution for all inspection activities which comply with regulatory and mandatory requirements. We are an ISO 17020 accredited third-party auditing agency and also approved and authorized by various Regulatory Bodies. We provide services including Sampling, testing as per ISO 17025, and Monitoring as per customer requirement. We cover a gamut of Inspection services so that FBOs can run their system hassle-free and with required food safety assurance.