Food Safety Auditing

FSSAI Third Party Audit

We are FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) recognized Food Safety Auditing Agencies under the Food safety and Standards (Food Safety Auditing) Regulations, 2018. The purpose of FSSAI is to empower FBO’s (Food Business Operators) to develop a robust Food Safety Management System that drives continuous improvement of all processes with an emphasis on the safety of food end-products. Whether you’re a farmer, or a food manufacturer, processor, importer, supplier, or retailer, Our FSSAI certification and auditing services enable you to secure market access and demonstrate that you embrace a culture of food safety excellence.

Our Services include:

  • > Auditing as per scope
  • > Verified audit report
  • > Verified and confirmed NC report by Technical Experts
  • > FSSAI Processing Guidance
  • > FSSAI Food Registration and Licensing
  • > iRenewal of License
  • > FSSAI Guidance
  • > Hygiene Inspection as per FSSAI
  • > Design & facility Inspection as per FSSAI
  • > Maintenance & Sanitation as per FSSAI

We conduct audits as per FSSAI (Schedule IV) and provide detailed Inspection report after the inspection activity. All our Inspectors are experienced and work closely with the clients to ensure contractual conformity for comprehensive range of food products and agriculture commodities. Our mission is to provide an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of the quantity systems and procedures, to ensure the safety of the food product, from raw material to final product.