Inspection / Water Supply

Water Supply
Water Supply And Water Manage

Water is essential for human survival and with increase in population and changing weather patterns, Water Supply and Water Management has become a critical challenge in infrastructure planning. A robust and well-planned Water Collection, Purification and Distribution network which minimizes wastage is necessary to support industries, agriculture and households.

Our specialized Team has experts in the field of Water Resource / Wastewater Infrastructure and Management in both built and natural environments. We provide support services such as advanced designs, planning, and analysis for habitat restoration and protection, environmental permitting and compliance, floodplain and hydraulic analysis, wetland delineation and mitigation and storm water conveyance. We also provide Third Party Inspection and Assurance services related to end to end water Infrastructure including man-made and natural reservoirs, water purification systems, pump stations, water distribution and wastewater collection systems as well as a host of related service areas.

Our Team consists of Scientists, Biologists, Engineers, Architects and GIS specialists and their years of experience adds value and quality our deliverables. We use technology to deliver on time and superior results. We have executed projects for all levels of civic bodies and our twin goals of reduce and recycle provides sustainability especially when dealing with a scarce resource.