Export/ Import FAQ\'s

Q: What are the provisions for Pre Shipment Inspection as per WTO and what are the provisions?
A: WTO Agreement applies to all pre shipment inspection activities carried out on the territory of Members, whether such activities are contracted or mandated by the government, or any government body, of a Member.  The term "user Member" means a Member of which the government or any government body contracts for or mandates the use of pre shipment inspection activities.  Pre shipment inspection activities are all activities relating to the verification of the quality, the quantity, the price, including currency exchange rate and financial terms, and/or the customs classification of goods to be exported to the territory of the user Member

Q: What is meant by Pre shipment Inspection Entity?

A: The term "pre shipment inspection entity" is any entity contracted or mandated by a Member to carry out pre shipment inspection activities. There are obligations of user members and other related parties, the details of which can be had from WTO

Q: What are the obligations upon PSI Agencies?
A: PSIC Agencies are obliged to follow the guide lines/ ethics as defined by IFIA. URL for IFIA web site is www.ifia-federation.org

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