PSI Certification,Pre Shipment Documents,CE Certification,Industrial Pre Shipment Inspection

We provide Chartered Engineer (CE) Certificate required for export/import of old/used/second-hand Plants, Machinery, Equipments, Instruments, etc. to India. We are mandated Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency by Government of India and provide PSI services for goods like Secondary (defective) Steel and Metals, recyclable metallic scrap, etc. imported to or exported from India. We also provide Compliance Audit/ Inspection/ Certification/ Appraisal/ Survey and Consultancy Services. We are in the process of expanding base of our operations and we always invite talent from various fields to form a part of our expert's team in multi-disciplinary field at different levels.

The opportunity can be a full time employment or as an assignment based Consultant.
Please send details of expertise/expression of interest through E-mail only. No inquiries on phone on this subject matter will be entertained

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