TH Vision and Mission

There are many issues related to quality and performance of infrastructure reflected or can be reflected as change in temperature….may be friction, vibration, heat transfer, spark, thermal capacitance. flow restrictions, leakages, loose electrical connections, erratic batteries, missing insulation or failure of insulation, sludge deposits, and many-many more.


Thermal imaging is “simultaneous remote measurement of temperature at different points of a target and also presenting the temperature as a color change on the image”. Infrared Thermography is the process of acquisition and analysis of thermal information from non-contact thermal imaging devices. Normal photography is “writing with light” whereas thermography means “writing with heat”  


Thermal anomaly (i.e. what it should be and what it is) is measured by highly trained, experienced and qualified professionals with a clear understanding of electrical/ mechanical/ Civil/ Chemical engineering fundamentals, thermo dynamics, heat transfer, thermal science, Physics and IR science. The ultimate goal is to minimize anomaly.


Anomaly as a Tool for Prediction:

Some of the examples where early detection of a problem is possible are:

·         A loose electrical terminal causing thermal heating

·         A silt deposit in gravity mains of a water supply pipe line (different thermal capacitance)

·         An air lock in water supply pipe lines

·         A leaking moist RCC slab

·         Air leaking in air-conditioned room

·         Cladded tiles with defects in workmanship

·         Leaking steam trap

·         Underground water leakage

·         Bottlenecks in pipe lines

·         Defective bearings of conveyor

·         Refractory damage in furnaces

·         Corona discharge

·         Coal deposits in conveyor pipes

·         Presence of reinforcement in Concrete

·         Reverse current in SPV electrical generation

·         Defective bearing or gear box in Wind Turbine Generator

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