Inspection / Technical study and Efficiency Analysis for Industrial Plants


Technical study and Efficiency Analysis for Industrial Plants

Even as the world progresses its way towards renewable sources of energy, Thermal Power still remains to be the primary and inevitable source for meeting the domestic electricity requirements for most developing nations. A sufficient and constant supply of electricity is indispensable for the economic development of such countries.

Most industries purchase electricity from Electric Utilities or Independent Power Producers. In addition, some industrial facilities also generate electricity for their own usage using fuels that they purchase and or are the residues from their industrial processes. For Industries, to meet the requirement of captive power and steam using coal, an efficient and thorough check of the entire system by way of Technical Analysis and Study is crucial. It provides an unbiased fact finding which has proved to be very useful for making the necessary changes to make the operations more efficient.

Ravi Energie has been providing such Technical Studies and Analysis for various industries such as Dairy, Pharmaceuticals and many more. The study generally includes detailed review of the Procurement Planning, Purchase Requisition Process, Vehicle Weighment and Unloading Controls, Shortage/Excess Receipt Management, Quantity Reconciliation, Quality Sampling and Analysis of Technical Parameters, Adherence to Applicable SOPs and other guidelines. The broader outcome of the study helps to identify and calculate the GAP if any between desired performance and actual performance and also the opportunities to bridge the gaps.

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